Second Noble Truth

When thoughts arise (and they will) silently whisper ‘breathing’ and simply let the thought fade into quietude, while you ride the vibrant, untainted life force entering your system anew on the next fresh in breath… Awareing easily replaces thinking when we are fully present. Continue this awareness practice many times throughout today.

All Pervasive Suffering

Become a detective of your own mind states today, and when distasteful or difficult events arise, immediately observe inward and notice if you are meeting the event with an open mind and heart, or more often, if you can feel some grasping, some tension of separation, some ‘selfing’. No need to judge yourself if this …

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The Suffering of Change

Take 5 minutes to review the serendipity in your life right now. Appreciate those dear to you, family and friends, who will not always be around. As you bring to mind each person, send them the wish that they too live with the recognition of ubiquitous change and be appreciative of this transitory existence, however …

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