Insight Yoga Teacher Training Intensive Deepening Level with Sarah Powers – 2021/2022 – Mallorca

Warm-Hearted Awareness in Yin Yoga

A year long intimate intensive for Yin Yoga teachers with Sarah Powers.

This program will accept only 24 women. 

We will gather together for three retreats six months apart – October 2021, April 2022, October 2022 – in Mallorca, Spain.

The focus of these retreats will include an integration of subtle body attunement, psychological inquiry with non-interpretive listening, and Buddhist heart/mind training and teaching.

Course Description:
Sarah Powers established this in-depth program for yoga teachers who are interested in developing and deepening their experience of and the capacity to teach the contemplative aspects of a body/mind practice. She is limiting it to only 24 women in order to provide everyone with a more personalized, supportive environment. Sarah will support you in expanding your knowledge of the Buddha Dharma and self-inquiry, and how to share these teachings in a yin or restorative yoga class. The emphasis of this program will be geared toward strengthening not only your own physical and meditation practice through inner work and group processing, but also evolving your capacity to share these ancient teachings in an intimate, skillful way.

For these three retreats, each woman will contribute to cultivating a safe setting together. So many of us learn, study, reflect and teach on our own, with no support or feedback. Yet our process of maturing can be greatly accelerated when we participate in an intimate community that encourages our inner growth.  In this small supportive environment, each of you will feel patiently and kindly encouraged to blossom in your unique direction of transformation.

Each class will include practice time led by Sarah, personal inquiry in diads, learning to share inner experiences with each other, developing reflective listening, as well as giving brief dharma talks each day. This course will inspire you to find a renewed appreciation for how much change can occur within us when we dare to risk revealing ourselves, while also committing to meeting others with an open heart. During this intensive, you will each become more familiar with revealing your capacities, while at times exposing your anxieties and vulnerabilities. Individually and together as a group, we will empathically explore your heights and your depths, your strengths and your weaknesses.

Buddhist Topics that will be covered in the training include:
The Four Mind-Changings
The Four Noble Truths
The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
Working with Obstacles
The Four Immeasurables
The Six Paramitas

We ask that you complete or plan to complete the following trainings below in order for your application to be considered.

  • Please note: If you haven’t taken all of these courses, please note in your application when/where you will complete in advance of the start of the training.

Preference will be given to those who already have a minimum of 500 hours of training or more.

  • Level I (now titled Primary Level) Insight Yoga Teacher Training Intensive with Sarah Powers – Essential teachings on Yin Yoga, Mindfulness and how to sequence Yang poses with Yin sequences (60 – 100 hours/8 or 10-day)
  • Level II (now titled Secondary Level) Insight Yoga Teacher Training Intensive with Sarah Powers – Inner pranic practices and further Mindfulness training with Yin Yoga sequences (5-day/30 hours)
  • Yin Yoga/Anatomy Teacher Training with Paul Grilley — 25 hours
    • If unable to study with Paul, then completion of 25 hours with one of the approved teachers listed on the IYI Program Requirements page will also be accepted.
  • One or more 5-day silent retreat(s) (preferably with Sarah and Ty Powers)
  • A 200-hour Yoga Training
  • Some psychological work: either in therapy or in one of the retreats listed under the Psycho-Spiritual Inquiry section on the IYI Program Requirements page.

Each participant will have twelve mentoring sessions throughout the program – six with Sarah and six with Ty.  The cost of these sessions is included in your tuition. If you are already accepted into the Insight Yoga Institute and have an assigned mentor, these sessions will replace your regularly scheduled sessions for the duration of this course.

Outside Coursework and Retreat Requirements:
Outside reading and short essays will be assigned throughout the training.

We also highly recommend that you attend a silent retreat with Sarah and Ty during or just after this course.

Location: Tramuntana Flow,
Cami de n’Olesa 63 | 07141 Sa Cabaneta | Mallorca | Spain

Retreat Dates: Your commitment to all of these dates will be required if you are accepted.

October 2 – 9, 2021
April 9 – 16, 2022
October 2022 – dates to be announced

Retreat Cost: The costs shown below includes:
Tuition and Training Manual
12 sessions of mentoring (6 with Sarah and 6 with Ty)

Double: $8494 ($1000 deposit + 3 installments $2498 each)
Double Dorm: $8281 ($1000 deposit + 3 installments $2427 each)
Quad Dorm: $7804 ($1000 deposit + 3 installments $2268 each)

Additional costs to consider that are not included in the Tuition Cost above:
Transportation, Airport Transfers, Silent Retreat, Books for Required Reading

Installment payment dates will be shared if you are accepted into the program.

If you are interested in applying for this intimate and unique training with Sarah, please click through the Link to Application below. You will be taken to a page to submit your name and the payment of the USD $25 application fee using a credit card. Upon successful payment, you will be taken to the application form for completion and submission.

Tripti Mahendra will receive your application, review with Sarah and then will communicate to you if you have been accepted or not to the program. Only 50 applications will be reviewed and only 24 will be accepted.

Link to Application Payment

For questions not answered above, please contact Tripti:

Testimonials from previous Deepening (Level III) students:

“Sarah weaves winds of wisdom in this intimate training, which nurtures sangha, trains-up deep listening, cultivates sharing the Dharma and enhances personal practice and development…

“Sarah, through her own deep investigation, over many many years, brings to this training a generosity of sharing an impeccably honed road map of the Dharma, relevant to a contemporary practitioner, who wants to dive deep into the teachings of Buddhism…The wisest investment I’ve ever made….

“What a privilege it has been to journey to such depths. To be held and supported in such warmth, with the depth of knowledge and experience that Sarah teaches from. A new level of trust has revealed itself, a coming home…





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