IYI Endorsed Teachers

In order to be endorsed to teach Insight Yoga, each of the teachers below completed our entire 500-hour program, which included residential retreats, trainings, daily meditation practice, assigned readings and writings as well as regular sessions with their assigned mentor. Upon completion of the program, these teachers submitted an hour-long video of one of their classes that integrated the themes of Insight Yoga for review and endorsement.

We encourage you to practice with these esteemed teachers. For additional information to be displayed, please select the teacher’s name.

Valerie Vanthournout,

Begins & Arzier, Switzerland



Valerie Vanthournout took a detour from fitness, dance and movement classes, to finding yoga. She was hooked from the first moment an Australian friend introduced her to it in 2003. Valerie dove in deeply, taking every course she could.

Thanks to inspiring teaches like Sarah and Ty Powers, Paul Grilley, Jennifer Welwood, it has become her answer to a healthier, happier, mellower life. Yoga is a way for her to gather energy when she is missing some and a way to transfer energy when she has way too much. The best side effect is the way yoga focuses her mind, bringing her fully into the moment, fully into her body.




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