IYI Endorsed Teachers

In order to be endorsed to teach Insight Yoga, each of the teachers below completed our entire 500-hour program, which included residential retreats, trainings, daily meditation practice, assigned readings and writings as well as regular sessions with their assigned mentor. Upon completion of the program, these teachers submitted an hour-long video of one of their classes that integrated the themes of Insight Yoga for review and endorsement.

We encourage you to practice with these esteemed teachers. For additional information to be displayed, please select the teacher’s name.

Nathalie Keusseoglou,




Nathalie was immersed into yoga and meditation at a very young age observing her grandfather who dedicated his life to the practice. She merges her profound interest and enquiry in Buddhist practices with western psycho-analytical techniques and body work. An eternal student she has travelled around the world to practice and retreat with gifted teachers. Nathalie practices and teaches in Monaco where she has been instrumental in creating Yoga Shala Monaco. Her passion for Awareness continually encourages and nurtures us to come into contact with our genuine nature and keep connecting to our depths of kindness, fearlessness and an open heart.




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