IYI Endorsed Teachers

In order to be endorsed to teach Insight Yoga, each of the teachers below completed our entire 500-hour program, which included residential retreats, trainings, daily meditation practice, assigned readings and writings as well as regular sessions with their assigned mentor. Upon completion of the program, these teachers submitted an hour-long video of one of their classes that integrated the themes of Insight Yoga for review and endorsement.

We encourage you to practice with these esteemed teachers. For additional information to be displayed, please select the teacher’s name.

Stephanie Nosco,

Alberta, Canada



Fascinated since childhood with the questions that grow out of life’s paradoxes, Stephanie began exploring spiritually at 15. Early seeking grew into a passion for demystifying traditional teachings into a language the modern practitioner can understand. Integrating yoga into everyday life in a way that is compassionate and practical sets the foundation for her programs. She is particularly inspired by Theravadin and Tibetan Buddhist traditions and has learned most from her time spent on retreat. Stephanie has also studied Medical Qigong and incorporates these concepts into her practice and teaching. Her most recent interests surround how spirituality and psychotherapy intersect and is working towards her masters in counselling psychology.




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