IYI Program Requirements

The coursework/mentorship requirements for IYI Certification are as follows. These requirements were updated as of December 2020.
Please note: For those already accepted into IYI, you will receive communication from us if we have your current contact information. Your previous coursework will be honored as long as you are willing to complete your remaining coursework in the new timeline outlined below. In order to continue with IYI, we will ask that you recommit and agree to the new requirements. If you did not receive an email from us and/or feel these changes will affect your completion, please be in touch with Sarah: sarah@sarahpowers.com to discuss.

Requirements Previous New
Min Hours Max Hours Min Hours Max Hours
Primary Level (Level I)
with Sarah Powers
60 100 60 100
Secondary Level (Level II)
with Sarah Powers
30 30 30 40
Yin Yoga/Anatomy1 50 50 50 50
Psycho-Spiritual Retreat2 50 50 50 50
Vipassana Retreat3 50 50 50 50
Yoga Asana 50 50 N/A N/A
Silent Retreats
4 retreats total / 50 hours each
3 retreats minimum with Sarah and Ty Powers
1 retreat with IYI Endorsed Teacher(s)
200 200 200 200
Mentoring* and IYI Completion Video
N/A N/A 50 50
Electives4 N/A N/A 100 100
Total Hours 500 530 590 640
*Mentoring Details 4 Sessions per year required for 2 years, option to move to 2 Sessions per year until hours are completed 4 Individual Sessions per year (required minimum), 4 Insight Yoga Online Sessions per year (required minimum)
Time to Complete Hours Unlimited time 4 years (with flexibility due to COVID)
beginning early 2021 for existing IYI students; when accepted into IYI for new students
IYI Completion Video
All hours must be completed prior to filming video.
Required to determine Endorsement or Certification Required to determine Endorsement or Certification
Certificate 500 hours Total number of hours completed

Requirement Details

After you have completed Primary Level with Sarah Powers, you are free to complete the balance of the coursework in any order you choose. Because the Primary Level (Level I) coursework material is dense, many students repeat this training several times. We will count one additional Primary Level (Level I) towards your Elective hours.

1Yin Yoga / Anatomy
Paul Grilley: Online Course
Bernie Clark: 50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training
Biff Mithoefer: Taoism, Anatomy and Sequencing
Jennifer O’Sullivan: Level 1: Yin Yoga Asana & Biomechanics
Jo Phee: Foundation and Specialty
Adam Stonebraker: Form & Function: Anatomy + Poses
Dianne Harris: Yin Yoga Teacher Training – 50 Hours Module 1 Anatomy & Energetics

2Psycho-Spiritual Retreat
Internal Family Systems (IFS): (50 hours each)
Level I US/Intl (online or in person), or
Online Circle, or
5-day Retreat by approval
Hoffman International:
Hoffman Process (50 hours), or
Hoffman Essentials and Spirit Guided Visioning online courses (50 hours – only offered on US times), or
Hoffman Essentials online course (25 hours UK) – Spirit Guided Visioning not offered in UK

3Vipassana Retreat 5-day
Thanissara and Kittisaro
Spirit Rock
Insight Meditation Society
Gaia House

4Electives: 100 hours
Deepening Level with Sarah Powers (100 hours)
Yoga Asana Intensive (50 hours)
Additional Primary Level with Sarah Powers (60-100 hours)
Additional Silent Retreats with Sarah/Ty or IYI Endorsed teacher(s) (50 hours each)
Additional Yin Yoga/Anatomy Courses (50 hours each)
Additional Silent Retreats with other Buddhist teachers (50 hours each)
Internal Family Systems (IFS): Level I US/Intl (online or in person), Online Circle, 5-day Retreat by approval (50 hours each)
Hoffman International: Hoffman Process (50 hours) -or- Hoffman Essentials and Spirit Guided Visioning online courses (50 hours) -or- Hoffman Essentials (UK)




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