Meeting Life Just As It Is

In loving kindness practice we aspire to bring the potentiality of existence into actuality. As important as this visioning is, it is also essential to cultivate the capacity to meet life just as it is. This is the refreshing practice of mindfulness, and there are many methods. One foundational style is called Mindfulness of Breathing. This practice gives us an opportunity to let go of all our concerns by riding the breath waves into relaxation of body and mind.

Lay down with your eyes closed for 5 minutes and simply tune into your felt sense in the body. Be with each breath without controlling it as it comes in and goes out, feeling it throughout the whole body. When a thought comes up, let it flow through with the next out breath and stay primed with your interest renewed to fully feel the next breath. Think of this as a refreshing 5-minute breath bath. Enjoy!!!

Water drop