Mindfulness Practice

On the topic of Mindfulness, we are not simply being with whatever arises as that would lead us right back to our habitual distracted selves. Mindfulness has an agenda of observation that is NON-distracted, able to maintain a focused attention on a chosen object such as the breath – free of the compulsion to either alter or ignore the breathing process.

In Sanskrit the word for Mindfulness is smriti and is translated as the verb, to remember. In Mindfulness practices we develop the skill of staying steady with our intentions, remembering to discard distractions when they compel us, and to come back to the breath every time our minds wander. We are creating a healthy new habit, that of remembering to dwell in present moment attention, while undermining the common mental addiction of distraction. All our simple and complex moments of living will benefit from this profound cultivation.

Water lillies
Sit now and practice Mindfulness of breathing for 6 minutes. Stay interested in self observation to detect any subtle pull to think about or want to do something to modify or escape the rawness of simple unmediated attention on the neutral object of breathing. With loving kindness toward this temperamental human mind, aspire to meet your habits of distraction with kind clarity. When you find you have left your breath process, simply feel into the next in-breath, thereby lovingly eradicating the power of disturbances to ensnare you on the spot!

Enjoy fortifying yourself with increased mental sanity!