Second Noble Truth

As the first noble truth reminds us to recognize and investigate the ways we suffer, the second en-nobling truth speaks about its cause, which the Buddha suggests relates to what he called ‘all pervasive suffering’; namely the attitude of grasping at certain self identities due to our amnesia or ignorance of our Full or Authentic Self, our Buddha nature. The Buddha suggested we learn to relax and eventually relinquish our propensity for holding on to fixed views and identities, gradually removing the fixations that obscure deeper insight in the nature of Reality.

Sit down for a brief 6 minute meditation session. As you practice mindfulness of breathing, observe any thoughts that arise. Be particularly aware of those thoughts that bring tension to your belly center. Relax into the space of the abdomen on exhale, and invite any judgements about yourself or others to fall away on each out breath for now.


When thoughts arise (and they will) silently whisper ‘breathing’ and simply let the thought fade into quietude, while you ride the vibrant, untainted life force entering your system anew on the next fresh in breath…

Awareing easily replaces thinking when we are fully present. Continue this awareness practice many times throughout today.