Welcome to the Insight Yoga Institute Student Center

You have been invited to join this area of our website because you are an active student, certified or endorsed teacher of IYI.

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For active students:

We are pleased to share this Student Center resource with you as a means of supporting you in your IYI experience. In the pages to follow, you will be able to:

  • Update your My Profile page with your contact information and choose if you would like to be a part of the IYI Community directory and make contact with IYI students around the world.
  • Track your IYI coursework hours on the My Coursework page. On this page you will be able to upload certificates, essays and monitor your accumulated hours. The main purpose of this page is to have a location to store all of your materials to support your certification. Prior to completion, we will review this page to ensure that you have completed all of your requirements, so please keep this page updated as you complete any trainings and retreats. Your assigned mentor and Tripti will have access to this page so that they may read/provide feedback for your essays. Tripti will not read your assignments (unless she is your mentor) and will only communicate with you here to answer any specific program requirement questions.
  • Track your Individual and Group Mentoring sessions on the My Mentoring page. On this page you will also store and share your reflection essays from your readings/group sessions with your mentor.
  • The Completion page provides information about the process for completing your IYI Video requhttps://sarahpowersinsightyoga.com/student-center/my-mentoring/irement for certification or endorsement.
  • The IYI Community page will provide you a way to connect with your fellow IYI students, certified and endorsed teachers directly from around the world.  We hope this will invite opportunities to practice together, and provide connection and support.
  • Last but not least, the IYI Forum is a private IYI social space to gather and share. Please enjoy!

At the top of each of the pages, you will find an area titled – Read Instructions (click here to view) –  where you will find instructions and helpful tips to assist you in working with these forms.

As a first step, we invite everyone to complete the information on your My Profile page.

For active students, please begin populating the information on the subsequent My Coursework and My Mentoring pages with the information you have and adding information as you complete coursework and mentoring sessions. As you input your information, please save your changes often to protect your work.

For certified and endorsed teachers/mentors:

We hope that you will enjoy the ongoing support and connection of like-minded individuals through the IYI Community directory, the IYI Forum and for connecting mentors with mentees.

As a first step, we invite everyone to complete the information on your My Profile page.

For any questions regarding the Student Center, please contact me at tripti@sarahpowers.com.

We hope that you will find this support beneficial.

On behalf of Sarah and Ty.