IYI Forum

The IYI Forum page is where we will interact with each other using the Mighty Networks platform.

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These shared agreements will help to keep conversations in our virtual forum respectful and conducive to honest sharing.


  • We strive to work together to co-create a safe space for everyone in IYI. Confidentiality is paramount to building trust within any community.
  • We agree that personal information shared in this forum is confidential and we will not discuss conversations with anyone outside of this forum, even if they are in IYI.
  • We also agree not to share about others’ experiences. If we have questions about using the methods and techniques we are learning through IYI with our students, we will refrain from sharing personally identifiable information about them.

The Gift of Listening

  • Listening is important to practicing mindfulness and cultivating compassion. In a virtual environment, listening takes the form of pausing and reflecting deeply before replying to a comment or question. These agreements will help community members feel seen and heard while fostering a sense of safety within the community.
  • We agree to short moments of quiet reflection before responding in the forum.
  • We agree to reflect on posts with an open mind and heart.
  • We will assume good intentions on everyone’s part even when we may disagree.
  • We accept that the writer’s feelings are valid, no matter what we may think. We will refrain from correcting someone’s experience and feelings.
  • We agree to listen without trying to solve or fix problems unless feedback and advice is requested.


  • We agree to be intentional about what we share in this forum in order to respect people’s time and emotional labor.
  • We agree to refrain from posting memes, quotes, or dropping links without explanation. If something inspires us or has helped our process, we will share that with the link.
  • If you feel someone participating in this forum is behaving questionably in their teaching or on social media, with a student, or on this site, please refrain from sharing with others or speaking to them about it directly, and instead write to Sarah, as this is important for us to know.
  • We agree to submit administrative questions about IYI directly to Sarah via email (sarah@sarahpowers.com).

This Forum is Not a Marketplace

  • We are co-creating this forum in order to foster deeper connections within the global IYI community.
  • We agree that if we post about our work it is in the spirit of sharing what we’re up to so that we may celebrate with the sangha. However, we will refrain from posting promotional offerings.
To Join the IYI Forum
  • You will be asked to enter your name, email address and to create a password.
  • Once you have created your login, you can re-enter the IYI Forum by clicking here.

For any questions about the IYI Forum, please contact Jennifer O’Sullivan (jen@sarahpowers.com)