The Spirit of Loving Kindness

Continuing with the spirit of loving kindness… Our seemingly separate existence is not as autonomous as it seems. We are not only inextricably interconnected with all others, but our innermost nature, however hidden it may be in some, is of the same essence as everyone else. So just as we wish to be genuinely happy, so does everyone else. Treating others with respect as we would wish to be regarded is what Martin Buber calls the I-Thou relationship rather then the I-It that is so common among us. This reorientation toward seeing oneself in another encourages us to treat others like a healthy family, honoring and caring for each other.
Water drop

Even when we do not appreciate someone’s behavior, still, learning to remember that they too are of the very fabric of love, however unskillful or delusional our experience of them may be. This inner perspective can initiate more skillful response, even when it needs to be wrathful and direct. In this way, we can orient our minds when we are going through our day to wish that others find true happiness as well.

As you walk by and interact with people today, silently wish them each true well-being, sending the message from your heart to theirs, May you feel safe, may you feel connected, may you be happy.