The Three Jewels

The Buddha’s life was a long time ago, 500 years or so before Christ. His name before he became a Buddha (an awakened one) was Siddhartha which translates as “he who has attained his goals”. The teachings that develop experiential insight are called the buddha dharma, and those who practice them are called the Sangha (or dharma community). Together these three, the Buddha, (the teacher from long ago who represents our awakened potential), the Dharma or teachings, and the Sangha, or dedicated practitioners, are called the 3 Jewels. They are jewels of support on a path of living with awareness.
Buddha cave

We all need helpful influences in this life journey, all the way through. Write down what your current ‘jewels’ of support are? Ask 3 different people today what theirs are? Reflect on what arises when you ask yourself and others where they access their inspiration, and what protects and fortifies you/them, especially when challenges arise?