What’s Happening Right Now…

Our moment-to-moment reality is comprised of two parts: what is happening and what we bring to what is happening. Always! There is no one dimensional reality of just what is happening ‘out there’. Dharma practice encourages creativity about how we meet the waves of existence, allowing us to sharpen our powers of clear perception.

This is cultivated daily not from a willful attitude of striving for perfection, but from the depths of love… the love of living from deeper truths and the possibility of experiencing a profoundly open heart and mind.

This is not ‘wishful’ thinking but an ancient and current possibility, as many like us have found this inner freedom. There are two essential ingredients. We have to hear these teachings, and we have to commit to practice them.

Today, the practice is one of inquiry. Simply ask yourself many times over and over, ‘how am I relating to what’s happening right now? Where do I locate my sense of me-ness in this body right now?’ And with the mind’s eye – look and feel, with the mind’s ear (so to speak) – listen inwardly. Pause and soften. Breathe.

Ganesha mural