Why Dharma Drops?

A few years ago, I began texting my 19 year old daughter Imani Jade a few words of support and instruction to guide her toward her inner life… . They were brief promptings that I hoped would help her align gently with her essential nature while moving through her busy NY life. Ty suggested I make them more public and so here they are in an edited form for you to enjoy. You could also share these dharma drops with your almost grown son or daughter in text form if you think it might encourage their interiority and ease of being. I would love to know how they affect you or others… and if I should continue sharing them in this form.
Water drop

The desire to be happy is natural and universal. Yet happiness based merely on stimulus can never offer lasting joy, since when you remove the stimulus you extinguish the happiness. Look to the more reliable realm of true well being which is to be found in being aware of simple quiet presence where we pause from all our wants and needs, our likes and dislikes, and simply listen to the space of the mind. It may sound like the murmur of the sea from under water or like wind whooshing on a mountain top. You are listening to your intrinsic quality of openness, which is as vast as a spacious sky, and is naturally infused with the nature of love. Simply bask in this uncluttered inner landscape for 6 minutes, breathing slow and deep. Can you feel it? Imagine you can….